Friday, August 27

I like it when people say...

..."Could you make me a {insert interesting thing in here}?"

I had thought about making straightforward Russian Dolls before, not just Mary and Joseph ones. But for various reasons I put the idea to one side temporarily. When lovely Abi popped round to the workshop and asked if could make one, it was a good excuse to dust off the sketches.

Oh, still not fixed that problem with red then, Blogger?

I'll be listing this in the shop as a custom order - feel free to choose your own colours.


  1. What a lovely little face she has. Like a Russian urchin.

  2. Oh she looks ace, I love the flower on her tummy, lovely!

  3. Aha! The perfect excuse to finally buy something from you, my mother will love this, that's her Christmas prezzie sorted, hurrah