Friday, September 3

September. Brought to you by Mustard Yellow.

So far this week I have been:

Toying with buying this simple yet incredibly gorgeous bakelite necklace from Etsy. Too late alas, it has now sold.

snooping around Bridport Open Studios and
buying prints from Paul Blow...

...and putting them up in my kitchen
(yes of course I arranged my tinned goods to match)

opening a Wasp Cafe (they are really abusing the drink-all-you-like policy though)

and helping Nelly with her new line in dress-up-paper-dolls.


  1. Nice pants Nelly! Those dolls are having a craaazy time no?

    x x x

  2. Those dolls! I'd love to turn that last one on the left into an embroidery pattern and make a plush out of it. Too stinking cute!

  3. love the illustration, mustard yellow is beeeeautiful. x