Sunday, August 22

Squelch Splodge

We enjoyed a typically British Summer's day at Buckham Fair today (we have re-branded it Clunestock, owing to the quagmire, approximately 14 hour queue to get in, and the patronage of Lord Martin of Clunes)

Lots of lovely wet dogs and ponies. Some really good fudge. Bumping into nice friends.

And some good welly action for the kids.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment! Glad you did because now I've found you and your blog and your beautiful stained glass ornaments... they are just divine!! Love this illustration too - do you know who did it? I'd love to find out! Cheers :)

  2. Thanks Bee!

    the illustration is from a funny little book I found in a charity shop the other day - it's called "Inside and Outside" and dates from about 1976, alas there is no mention of the just says it is part of the "Show Me" series. Think it's German originally... Not much help though, sorry.

  3. Thanks for that Flora! :D
    How strange there is no mention of the illustrator!
    Thanks for the other details, perhaps I can do some tracking-down on the internet :)