Monday, May 17

No More i-Phone Envy + Giveaway trailer.

Because the main reason I've been hankering after one is I want to play with that Hipstamatic App. But now, thanks to a bit of detective work and the help of My Girl Thursday, I've found Picnik. Soooooo much fun. All sorts of effects, including Cross Process (above), Lomo, Sepia...the list goes on. This was a pretty flippin brilliant photo of the Nellster to start with, but all the better for a bit of tweaking.

Must go, I want to play with it some more. Oh, and do stop by tomorrow. I'll be doing a Giveaway.


  1. I love Picnik too, especially the focal black and white. I'll be back tomorrow, for no particular reason. Just hanging about.

  2. oh yes, picnik good, esp for round corners. giveaway you say? yes please. x
    p.s. i heart bret.

  3. So glad you're enjoying Picnik. I adore that program. So worth the yearly investment.

    I'll make sure I stop by tomorrow for the giveaway (how did you know my weakness?).

  4. our photo looks great, definitely a keeper and a framey as we'd say in our house!! see you tomorrow!:)