Wednesday, May 12

Blossom inside and out.

As if there hasn't been enough pictures of blossom about the blogosphere lately, I'll add some more.

Just finished this small door panel for a lovely family - the chinese blossom design is copied from a vase belonging to Lisa's grandma, with the names of the family around the edge. Could you think of three nicer names than Finn, Jude and Orla? I don't think so - so perfectly balanced.

And this is the tree we pass in the churchyard on our way to school. You can climb it, you can sniff it and you can stand 2 small girls underneath it and shake the blossom off the branches while the church bells are ringing. Much fun.


  1. Beautiful work from beautiful inspiration!

  2. Flora, that's such a beautiful window and what a great way to greet someone's house as you walk to their door. L x

  3. That's a beautiful panel in a perfect shade of blue - a bit like Jaboopee's famous bedroom blue much faded by the sun. It makes me wish I were Finn or Jude or Orla.

  4. I just cycled past that tree on the way home from the allotment! I love the juxtaposition (sorry) of the pale pink blossom with the fuchsia and dark copper leaves of it's twin next door.

    I also think Finn is a great name... it's a beautiful panel. x x x

  5. Fabulous, gorgeous work and beautiful pics - just gotta love those names! Jo x