Wednesday, May 26

Drum Roll Please...

And the winner is...

(doesn't pause for dramatic effect)

Moira Millman, whose utterly charming illustrations are well worth a peek at.

Well done Moira...Eugene will be on his way to you pronto.

Just also wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who took part and commented/blogged/tweeted or followed. I've really enjoyed reading all your comments and found it very hard not to send you all something!


  1. Ooh lucky Moira! I'm glad Eugene has a good home :)

  2. Can't believe I missed this once in a lifetime give away but managed to wake up in time to realise that i missed it! how terrible!

  3. i'm not a bit disappointed cos i have my adorable woodcutters cottage on the happy shelf in my studio. It's gorgeous , i love it and your a genius.

  4. boooooooo! oh ok. well done moira. x

  5. wow! it's my lucky day, thanks so much Flora, I think Eugene will be very happy hanging in my studio window:)