Friday, October 23


Yes, I'm back, with the smell of tzatziki still fresh in my mind and a sinus condition that is making it very difficult to concentrate on anything, and impossible to bend over to do any chores (like unpacking).

But I do have pictures to show you. Not holiday ones, I'm sure you have far better things to do with your time. But ones of the front door I fitted before I went away.

The design is Victorian Geometric, and the glass used is Dynasty Restoration Cathedral (which is made in China but is an excellent reproduction of original Victorian domestic glass in beautifully muted colours). For the borders, I used handmade Polish antique red and clear Muranese (which has a very sweet flower pattern impressed on the glass and is also traditional for the period).

The property is a building site at the moment, and it looks like this. You can see what an amazingly cool and kinda-Scooby-Doo-spooky-Victorian house it is underneath all that scaffolding though.

The front door looked like this.

Halfway through fitting.


Just a quick word of advice. If you ever find yourself driving along with 7 stained glass panels in the back of your car, always check the passenger door pocket for a rogue heavy mallet which your husband had stashed there and not told you about. Because you might find that when you go round a mini-roundabout, the said mallet will come flying out of the door pocket and land on top of your stained glass panels causing all kinds of unpleasant damage which you will have to spend an entire afternoon rectifying. Sigh.


  1. kalaspera...that is just a real horror story...i wouldnt have liked be your husband that day! but alls well that ends well because they look fantastic ,really well done and really in fitting with the building... i'm sure client is delighted . i'm sure your non too plussed to be back in the cold ...

  2. Love tzatziki - now you have made me hungry!

    The door looks fanastic and suits that amazing house. Must have a ghost or two. I bet husband is in the doghouse.

  3. Oh my god...mallet crisis! I think some pampering from said husband is in order. Beautiful work. x

  4. you're back! you're back! oh hooray! what no holiday snaps? i wanna see (imagine petulant tone)!

    the door is absolutely beautiful. well done. totally stunning.

    and i wonder if that house is the one i'm thinking of? no, i don't expect you to mind-read at this distance. bear with me - there were two houses along from the train station, opposite where they have the carboot sale, really big old Victorian town houses, quite grand, and they were both boarded up for the longest time. is it one of them? is it? is it?

    sorry to ramble on.. see you next week? XXX

  5. i've just looked again, and it's not. i think i know where that house is though.

  6. Yeah, you know where it is... opp. the lovely park (well of course it would have great views too!)

    I daresay a few holiday snaps will make it on here eventually. I am totally Greeking-out at the moment. Mike and I are mentally whitewashing the whole house. Alas, this dingy Northern light does not create the right ambiance.

    And do come a-calling soon x

    Thanks everyone else for your sweet words/sympathetic noises re: mallet mare. Much appreciated ^.^

  7. Flying mallets, spooky (but beautiful!) houses and blocked sinuses ... Thank goodness for Tzatziki, dreams of whitewash and wonderful windows!
    Glad you're back and hope you had a great time. We want some pics!

  8. I soooo want this door in my house. I have passed you along an award via my blog, feel free to accept but don't pass along unless you wish to. Beth x