Monday, October 26

Oh go on then...

As I still haven't managed to motivate myself back in the workshop since returning from hols (and ouch, my sinuses, my sinuses! I can't bend over my workbench without my eyes feeling like they are going to pop out of my head) here's a few snaps...

I was very excited by this Greek Ice Cream van...

We were all a bit scared by this tree though...

Rhodes City...

Obligatory donkey shot...

OK, so that's 2 Greek salads, a portion of chips and lashings and lashings of tzatziki please. And 2 very cold beers...

Nelly's pebble mosaic lolly stick windmill.

And here she is, rocking the Little House on the Prairie look, in the nicest cafe in the world...

Some gates I liked very much. Our house would be so much better with these attached...

I intend to get some work done tonight...really, I do...


  1. Oh i want those amazing! It sounds like you all had a fantastic time. x

  2. Fab ice cream van and your Mary Ingles look-a-like looks gorgeous in that dress;
    Looks like you had a great family holiday!

  3. ha! they're great. Nelly looks wonderful in that dress, what a pretty she is. love the ice cream van and the idea of greek salad, chips and beer. oh the weather is dreary today.

    p.s. i bet Mike wasn't scared of the tree.

  4. oh and p.p.s. it wasn't a remote greek island i referred to in my post today, rather Brownsea Island, but then it was too wet and coldy and foggy so we didn't go.

  5. i'm afraid of that tree have to have a full week off when you come back from a holiday...thats the law....yes i have a daughter ,she's my in-house photographer and is now a whopping 19, how did that happen..? . and i have a son too...hes the in house footballer (13) .
    your photos make me long for a greek salad and some cold retsina.

  6. Elaine - jeepers, 19 and 13! I nearly dropped me rich tea finger when i read that!

  7. I mean that in a "you don't look old enough" kind of way...^.^

  8. oh now that was a living vicariously moment again for me - you 'other side of the globe' bloggers keep doing that to me. Looks wonderful and about work - aaah - its not going to go anywhere! ENJOY soaking up the last remnants of holiday feeling...

  9. I'd hoped to get some work done too but instead I'm looking at those grandiose gates and the charming shot of your blue daughter. At least I can blame you, right?

  10. Sorry to hear about your sinuses. That is a real nuisance but hopefully you will feel better soon. It is bad enough having to come back off holiday without returning with some ailment. Great photos - especially that wonderful peacock gate.

  11. All that lovely sunshine and those clear blue skies- am very jealous!!