Thursday, July 16

School's out...

Wahaaay...last day of term here we come!

I'm going to be pretty busy over the next 7 weeks (I know, what is that all about?!) so expect posts to be thin on the ground. Plus on top of having 2 girls to entertain on a daily basis, I suddenly have a queue of jobs to do - some repairs and some new work...unusually, all Victorian doors and windows... but I'm looking forward to getting stuck in (I made a good start tonight, then had to go and watch Psychoville - just sooooo creeepy and wonderful)

Here's the last batch of birds...I couldn't resist making a few fledglings to go with the grown-up ones. I'll be listing them tomorrow, hopefully!

Cheerio then x


  1. Hi, another lovely post! I know what you mean about the holidays, but hope to see you here again soon! Congrats on the jobs and the birds are beautiful.

  2. psychoville? we love it! so great to hear someone else is enjoying (right word?) it! last night's was so good... mama mama! hahahahaha!

    p.s darling little birds

  3. "you're not teething already are you?"...and... "i think you'd better have some calpol"

    Still making me larf today ^.^

  4. oh my goodness these little birdies are making me want to fly!

  5. Beautiful birds and good luck with the entertaining. Psychoville sounds great, when is it on?

  6. Wow, your stained-glass birdies are really gorgeous! xx