Tuesday, July 21

Folksy Love...

Just a few things I've seen on there lately that I really love....

I like everything in Emma's Wolf...to me, it's all got a cranky, crazy, Jan Svankmajer thing going on somehow. Especially "Cat Grrrl":

Here's another seller with just a few items...but I want them all. Kettle of Fish

The Juzzard is the shop name of illustrator/animator Philippa Rice... in there you'll find lots of lovely things...including comic books and zines as well as other hand-made items. I am particularly smitten with this "Book Club" print...especially the boss-eyed, odd-sock wearing, curly-mopped girl.

Visit The Juzzard's blog here.


  1. Oh yeah. I have avoided looking at etsy and similar just for that very reason! Finding great things is so good and indulgent and DANGEROUS!

  2. I like the rabbit on wheels in Emma's Wolf. Her stuff is lovely and quirky. Good luck with the school holidays. The weather certainly hasn't started out too well but August may be better. Our local kids are bored already.