Thursday, July 30


There seems to be a lot of Alphabets around lately. I'm in the process of designing one for a stained glass panel (one of my many WIPs at the moment)...but in the meantime, here are a few that have caught my eye.

I think I might be just a little bit in love with the fig...from Dazeychic

From The Small Object

From Lucy Player

Be still my beating mouse has hovered over "add to shopping cart" on Amazon one too many Julie Morstad

A quick PS to say thanks for all your lovely comments on the little lovebirds!


  1. ooh abc wonderland - you find the most fab things!

  2. These are so great. I'm in the process of making an abc wall hanging from fabric and my beginner sewing techniques. Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

  3. What a lovely selection. I love alphabets. You're right, they're definitely "in" at the moment. I'd already seen lucy player's cute work, but not the small object's. great!

  4. Well I'm glad you mentioned Dazeychic. I bought a lovely print from her ages ago and I see now that I must hasten back to have a look at that charming alphabet.