Tuesday, August 4

Cheer Up

I don't want to bore on about how lame the weather in the UK is being this Summer, so instead, here's some cheerful retro eyecandy for you.

I went to visit my mum the other weekend. She's downsizing her life and having a major clear out. I was so pleased I rescued this lovely set of Memory Game cards. Fond memories of playing this with my mum and sister, and us two naughty girls laughing at poor mum's inability to remember where anything was and turning over that egg card every time. They were brought back from France by her in the early eighties, but they look much older don't they. The French have always had a wonderfully eccentric illustrative style I think. Also, I couldn't help but think of Heidi Kenney's work when I saw these again.

And here's a lovely little book from about 1979. Like the trees, love the whales.


  1. lame is a very polite way of putting it. i am totally fed up with it.

    but then - yay! you cheered me up with le lion and la casserole! they're really beautiful and just begging to be framed!


  2. I'm going to show my age now but those illustrations are from my sons' childhoods - and how exciting and lively the style seemed then. So glad you're giving them a good home.

  3. Oh wonderful - a good cheer up on my day too! We had a complete mist white out all day yesterday. At least we have winter as an excuse though. Hope the sun shines for you soon...

  4. How funny is that. We played the memory game about twenty years ago but it must have been an English version. Loved it to bits but it got so that we knew all the card pictures off by hand. I suppose in these days of the computer I could download some great images and make some more cards. I wonder where I put that game....?

  5. lovely trees especially. i love seeing things from my childhood. such amazing flashbacks!