Thursday, June 18

A Magical Garden

Let me show you something rather wonderful. In an allotment, tucked away behind a barbed wire fence and some nettles, is a little corner of delights. Amongst orderly rows of cabbages, makeshift sheds and tangled runner beans legging it up bamboo wigwams, somebody has created the loveliest garden you can imagine. Rambling Roses form lopsided arches, Red-Hot Pokers vie for attention with Oriental Poppies and Salvias gracefully sway their purple heads.

As we walk home from school we are treated to a daily glimpse of this secret garden...I pointed it out to Nelly the other day, and when she saw it she gasped and said "Mummy, it's just like the garden in Coraline!" (which if you haven't seen yet, you absolutely should - even if you don't have kids)

We'll just have to keep a look out for The Other Mother...

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  1. you read my mind flora, this early stage is so exhausting, whenever people say i should savour it i want to tell them to p off!

    this garden reminds me of sally's secret by shirley hughes. a gorgeous book for little girls.

  2. so lovely - esp the top photo

    oh, we love Sally's Secret too, have you got it Flora? I'll look out for a copy if not.


  3. What a truly amazing wee find - your very own secret garden! xx

  4. Hello Top Bird...thanks for stopping by.

    We have various Shirley Hughes, including the compendium, but it's not in there, so if you do come across a copy on your travels Nath, I'd be delighted - it sounds right up our street.

  5. p.s. i bought 2 copies recently for 2 little girls fom amazon: