Monday, June 22

I Heart Amazon + Last Chance Saloon

Apologies to the other Flora (who is very kind and lovely and not some freakish Coraline version of me with buttons for eyes...did I mention I saw the film recently ;o) for STILL not having done her tag. It's coming, honestly! But I want to spend a bit of time on it rather than a hastily done post (erm, like this one).

Anyway, in the meantime, look at the lovely things I have bought from Amazon!

This DVD which is some serious eye-candy...I bought it on the pretext that it was for the girls...of course, it's just for me really. The 1922 Cinderella is STUNNING (beautiful and a little bit creepy, just the way I like it!)

And I got This Book for Mike for Father's Day (he's a big fan of the grotesque and burlesque...well, he would be in his line of work). Again, some incredible images, taken with a lot of warmth and humour.

Oh, yes, and I got this card from Etsy to send to some friends who have just given birth to their first baby - a girl. A very sweet sentiment I thought:

OK - this is your last chance to enter my Giveaway! Just click on the link and leave your name and a comment. Easy!


  1. Hello Flora - that Last Sideshow book looks fascinating. Love the Freya card. I didn't know she did cards of her beautiful designs. Off to have a look

  2. Hi Cathy - funny you should mention ravens in your other comment...i just photographed a beautiful pair looking uncharacteristically "loved-up" in a tree above the park! Alas it is on my film camera, not my digi, so no pics for a while yet!

  3. Er, i think i probably mean rooks...always get those guys muddled...

  4. Lovely Amazon finds - I must admit my wishlist is growing. xx