Sunday, May 24

Sunny Sunday

Ahhh, summer at last! What a classic weekend - we did ice-creams, sand castles, paddling in pants and vests (the girls, not me), shell collecting, double decker bus rides and drinking in that vitamin D (with sunscreen on, of course!).

And while the girls were happily splashing in the paddling pool today, I got busy with a pencil and notebook (a rather lovely one that I got for Christmas...)

Hmm, maybe I've been watching too much Night Garden lately...that opening sequence has always deeply affected me though....

Need to change that bird in her hands to make it look a bit more "dead" - it just looks asleep at the moment!

Idea for a larger panel - there are some trees a bit like this near where we live...

Detail of the inhabitants....

(Not Quite) Every Day in May

Tailing off a bit on this aren't I? And this is a bit out of my remit of contemporary stained glass artists... But I have found some "oh my god I want them" items for you today, Ladies and Gentlemen. Oh yes indeed. If you can get past the massively complicated ordering system, they could be yours...

Lovely stained glass Ukrainian Pysanky


  1. Such lovely sketches.. you should illustrate a children's book.

  2. Hi Flora,
    thanks for your every day in may. I have kept being reminded of Coventry Cathedral - I suspect you would know all about it. Just a silly obvious link in my mind but such strong memories for me I was compelled to eventually blog it. Thanks for the inspiration! I would love to know your thoughts on some of the work.

  3. Hi Love your drawings. They are really sweet. I enjoyed that Ukranian website too. The patterns are amazing and the items seem relatively inexpensive for what they are.