Saturday, May 23

New look...and new things...

So whaddya think of the new me? There's something a bit, erm, Gothic about it isn't there... but I just kinda liked it! Thanks to those of you who have commented on it already - it does feel a little bit like coming out of the hairdressers with a totally new "do" - so the support was much appreciated! It's funny how influences seep into your consciousness isn't it? If I think about it, I've probably been spending too much time here, and I've certainly been drinking too much of this lately...

And huzzah, hooray and hallelujah! I have re-stocked my Folksy shop at last! With these rather spiffing things...

As a result of photographing, tweaking, listing and generally melting my brain, Every Day in May has had to take a back seat - I am hoping to do one later tonight though...


  1. Hi, These are fantastic, I love them!

  2. love your bright birdies especially, beautiful colours. and the feather markings are lovely too.
    also love the vintage should do more of those. good work lady!

  3. Thanks - the plate turned out really well, considering I wasn't even sure if it would fire in the kiln - I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for more pretty glass plates!

  4. love the yellow and turquiose bird, I can imagine a little flock of those hanging in a tree. x x x

  5. Ha ha, funny you should say that...I am just planning to make a lot more of these and then photograph them on a suitably stylish branch! Great minds think alike!