Thursday, May 21

Nearly there...

It's been intermittantly sunny today round these parts, so I've been able to take a few pictures of latest pieces. Not sure I've got quite the shots I wanted, but perhaps a bit of Photoshop love later tonight can iron out any contrast issues...

So here's a sneak peek of "Queen of the Castle" homage to flower-picking, crown-wearing, rain-dancing, hillock-loving 5 year olds everywhere...

I have birds, boys and more birds to show you too...but that will have to wait

Every Day in May

Bit of an obvious one I'm afraid, but I had to mention him at some point, so it might as well be now. Not stained glass, but beautiful, organic, alien-like, tentacular (is that even a word?!) glass forms. Dale Chihuly.


  1. What a beautiful stained glass piece. As a fellow "queen of the castle" I give it two royal thumbs up :) Very sweet.

  2. oh it's fabulous flora, love all the colours, they work beautifully together. it's so interesting learning about your work and other stained glass artists - a whole new world!

    thanks so much for your very sweet comment today. i answered those interview questions a couple of weeks ago, i am now only a week or so away from number 2...yikes!

  3. Hi Flora - it's gorgeous! Can't wait to see the others! Do you mind me asking how much a piece like this would cost? I have clicked to follow you, was hoping you'd put that gadget/widget (whats the difference?) on at some point.

    I have just started a new blog - amusing (hopefully) cartoons on mishaps we all have known at some point or other, and would love you to visit! Of course will still keep up with Idle Duck. LOL blogging has become somewhat of an obsession!

  4. Yikes indeed Francesca! I shall be keeping my eyes peeled for news of mini-MrsEliot #2!

    Omi - I'll have a look over there later tonight...sounds fun!

    Thanks everyone for some lovely feedback so far...I'm planning to do some listings on Folksy tonight (still have to work out prices!)

  5. Oh it's so sweet and charming! It really reminds me of a book illustration but I can't put my finger on it! Can't wait to see some of your stuff on folksy.

    And LURVE the new header! Gorgeous! One day I'll have to tell you my Floella Benjamin story..

  6. Oooo, that has my curiousity burning!