Wednesday, May 27

A pot for pens

This is what we got up to yesterday - drawing on plates, cups and anything else we could find in the kitchen - and then "firing" it in the oven. Great fun. This is where we got the pens from.

Today, we've been doing baking and decorating - I call them 1-2-3 biscuits, because it's 1 oz of sugar, 2 oz of butter and 3 oz of flour...pretty easy eh?!

Every Day in May

I have to go back to Judith Schaechter again I'm afraid...I just ordered her book from Amazon which arrived today. Mind-blowingly good stuff - wonderfully dark yet funny, complex, thought-provoking, and technically amazing. Here's a couple of favourites so far...




  1. I love the pens - what a great present idea as well. I will have to find a supplier this side of the ocean! The stained glass looks amazing too. Reminds me a little of Carrie Chau do you know of her?

  2. ooooh, that looks good...I shall have a good delve around there tomorrow - thanks for the link ^.^

  3. Brilliant idea, makes me want to have a go! And I love the 'Specimens' piece - incredible!