Monday, April 13

Tales from Easter

Phew! At last, 5 minutes peace to catch up with things here. It's been a whirlwind the last few days - a very lovely and fun one - but nevertheless it's nice to get back to some kind of normality. Guests have all been despatched, beds have been changed, chocolate has been consumed in rather obscene quantities and so on we go...

So, where were we? Ah that's right, nothing much was being achieved other than entertaining the troops (i.e. two kids). However, we do now have PETS! Well, ok, 20 tadpoles (or pollywogs - great word - as I believe they call 'em across the pond) which we "liberated" from a (much smaller and not at all salty) pond. 48 hours later, they are still alive and kicking - er, wriggling - and munching on the finest blanched and shredded lettuce (their favourite dish apparently).

Have had very little time to do much in the way of work. I so want to finish all the pieces I am working on so I can finally list them on Folksy and get the Etsy shop up and running, but one way or another I keep getting thwarted in my efforts. The only thing I've been able to do is a bit of doodling and thinking, while the girls are doing their drawings at the table.

One of the results of which is this (rather shockingly unprofessional but topically themed) scribble, which still needs a bit of tinkering with to make it work as a leaded panel, but I'll get round to that in the mists of time, whoops, I mean near future :)

Next up is another bit of Work in Progress... a small panel which has it's origins in one of Nelly's drawings. The boy is called Pierre. He is her imaginary brother, and he spends most of his time either sick in bed (with a green face) or eating too much cake (resulting in aforementioned stay in bed).

I'm thinking that this might be an interesting direction - "Have your child's masterpieces turned into a stained glass window". I guess this idea is not strictly original - a stained glass artist called Jane Littlefield has completed several commissions for primary schools using children's drawings and paintings with stunning results. In fact that quick scoot round her website has been quite a joy.

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