Tuesday, April 7

Hey I exist!

Well, the post was written about a year ago, but I've only just found it...
have a look here

The panel was made using recycled glass from bottles, flattened out in the kiln, which makes beautiful glass with handmade qualities. The only downside is that the gorgeous turquoise glass comes from a bottle of Blue Nun...

So thanks for the link Eco-Modernist, have returned the favour.

While I'm here, I'll put up a couple of other pictures. The first is Nelly's finished Easter Bonnet (alright, alright, I did help a little bit) We did not win first prize though, much to my utter outrage ;)

And this is a rather minimalist arrangement of knotty spotty driftwood collected the other day, displayed in my most delicious of jugs.


  1. Hope you don't mind all the comments but I love your site! That jug is perfect for your bundle of driftwood. I've written about driftwood on my blog too, it's wonderful to live by the sea.

  2. Another seaside dweller - it's good for the soul isn't it :)