Monday, April 6

Hands Full

Oh yes, that's right, I remember now...that's what it's like to have both kids at home all day....lovely, but NOTHING GETS DONE! So I'm imagining that posts are going to be a bit thin on the ground here for the next two weeks.

However, here are a couple of sketches, well, ok, doodles that I did for future paintings while Nelly was drawing pictures of monsters, bears and rather randomly, "people from Japan"....


  1. Very cute! Is that your kids in the bottom one? Not the top one obviously lol!

  2. Hi Omi - thanks for dropping by! Yup, that's the two girls...I have a bit of a sibling rivalry obsession going on at the moment!

  3. Ach tell me about it! I have two children too, an 11yr old daughter and 7yr old son and there are times I have to mentally hold them at the end of each arm (Elastigirl style - Incredibles). Love them to bits though :) ps. don't tell anyone but I have eaten 3 of those 2-finger kitkats while looking at your blog!

  4. Oh, so it doesn't get any easier then? Damn [[picks up crumpled pile of hope]] Ha ha, seriously, they're pretty great most of the time, I think end of hols syndrome is kicking in!
    Ps kitkat secret is safe with me.