Saturday, April 4

Super Saturday

Just had to post this picture of the most fabulous eggs we ate today...

They tasted as good as they look, with orange yolks and really gloopy whites...should have taken a picture of them fried - they looked straight out of the joke shop.

Also a few pictures of work in progress....a little panel that I'm putting up on Folksy as soon as it's finished. I've really enjoyed doing it - I've left the leads at the edges a little bit long - one of those happy kind of reminds me of colouring over the lines, which sort of fits in with the whole "5-year-old" vibe of the piece.

And finally, the high point of the day - Mike put a quid on a horse in the Grand National for each of us and we won!!! 100 to 1 odds not bad eh?

1 comment:

  1. I love the patchwork look border. Congrats on the Grand National - lucky thing!