Tuesday, April 14

Don't you hate it when...

...you discover something about 24 hours too late? I was just mooching the web, looking for some pdfs to download for Nelly - colouring pages, paper dolls, dot to dots, whatever - when I came across this bunny-tastic little basket to print out and make. How our Easter egg hunt could have been improved by a few of these to pop the eggs in!

The site also has lots of other great things to print out and make:
  • The Toymaker

    I also found a cute-as-a-button paper doll pdf at this lovely site:
  • Wee Wonderfuls

    1. hi flora, thanks for your very sweet comment. yes the juggling is very tricky and i'm about to add another baby into the mix so we'll see how that goes! i have found though that this is a great way to stay creative and motivated when you have kids. your stained glass is beautiful!

    2. Thanks for posting back! Yes, that was my main motivation for starting a blog - so that I had to keep making myself go out into the workshop so I've got something to write about! Plus it is very inspiring seeing all these highly talented and motivated souls blogging merrily away!

      Good luck with the forthcoming new arrival!

    3. Will definately have a look at those sites. Just realized aforementioned son is asleep on the sofa behind me! I was so engrossed in your blog I forgot he was there - oops. ps. 3 kitkats in 5 minutes is a little excessive, feel bit green now!