Thursday, April 30


I forgot to share with you tales of my Ikea trip. Hmm, well, there aren't many actually (unless you count my complete ineptitude on the trolley front) but my favourite purchase has to be this duvet cover. My, that is one sweet sweet pattern, and fits so nicely in our spare room.

It seems to have borrowed quite heavily from a design called Cascade by Evelyn Redgrave for Heals (circa 1965)...

...but that's ok, I did the very same a couple of years back for a commission. The brief was for a stained glass panel to go in a lightbox as a wedding gift (the happy couple were due to move house, so it needed to be portable) They had a love of all things 1960s so the idea was to recreate a fabric design in stained glass.

This is the result. The effect of having it in a lightbox was quite incredible. The room literally filled with joy when we turned it on. When we turned it off, we all felt just a little bit sadder somehow.

I have to say, I LOVED making this window. The construction was very complex, and there was no margin for error in the cutting of the glass, so it was pretty intense stuff. But so enjoyable and satisfying getting those smooth curves in the lead.

I would love to do more of this kind of window.


  1. yes i was wondering about your ikea trip...i'm very nosy like that! great duvet cover, i love the pattern. and your stained glass is stunning. i love the idea of it in a lightbox, i wouldn't be able to take my eyes off it!

  2. that's amazing. i love it. i want one.

  3. I agree the duvet is lovely. Your spare bed is very similar to ours except ours is varnished pine. I much prefer the white, did you paint it yourself? I think a trip to B&Q is on the cards! Your window - well what can I say - it is absolutely beautiful. I'd love to see some photos of you at work, maybe a video?

  4. Omi - yes we did paint the bed. it was originally that slightly grim "faux" antique pine, and we had only bought it as an emergency bed when we first moved house. The paint job has transformed it!

    Thanks Nath and Francesca - I ended up having to make the lightbox as well (let down by a carpenter at the last minute)...that was a mad night!

  5. Gosh the ikea print is very Heal's-like isn't it?

    Also loving the light box and am putting my name done for one also! What a lovely wedding gift. It reminds me a bit of the Beatles Yellow Submarine film.