Tuesday, April 28

Birdies and Beasties

Hopefully, by the end of this evening, I will have finished all the various bits and pieces in the workshop that have been gathering dust for the past couple of weeks. And when I have, I will then have enough items to make a trip to the "Room of Doom" (or the Cementing Shed, as I believe it is sometimes known) worthwhile. Cementing is the process of filling the gaps between glass and lead with a black gloopy mixture of linseed oil, white spirit, whiting (powdered chalk) and plaster, which then sets to make the window strong and watertight. It is also very messy, dusty, and tedious. But I don't mind it too much as long as I have a few pieces to do at once and some trashy high-energy pop on the radio (this is not the time for erudition). As a result of my infrequent trips to the cementing shed, it becomes the place of choice for freakishly large spiders.


  1. Waah! That was mean! I was all drooly drooly at the beautiful stained glass birdies and then scrolling down to reveal that humungous beastie...uuurghhhh! *Shudder!*

    Look forward to seeing the finished glass though, very much in awe of your talent!

    regards the other Flora

  2. Looking great, and though I can't wait to see the finished window, it's interesting to read about the process. ps. That spider is horrible!

  3. Thanks Flora! Sorry about the spidey. He has been rehoused down the end of the garden now, although I expect he'll reappear at some stage!

    Omi - yes, I must remember to do more technical stuff on here - it's good to see that people like that kind of detail.