Monday, April 27


Aaah Brighton. Reminds me of a great big wedding cake covered in white icing and marzipan and sprinkled with glitter. The weather was perfect. There was mucho mooching. The Lanes (North and South - where we came across a rather gorgeous cake shop), the seafront, the grotty area at the wrong end of town where we lived as students (sigh), 2 carboot sales... I could go on. But I think the highlight for me was the wonderfully camp dancing robot, made by friend, which had been a hideous dancing pink fluffy poodle in a former life.

The only place I didn't get to visit (but would very much have liked to) was the amazing Booth Museum which is packed to the roof with stuffed birds and animals.

I saw a fantastic exhibition held there about, oooh, 15 years ago by an artist called Len Shelley. I'm not sure if he is still creating his brilliantly creepy yet funny little story boxes, but his work has always remained with me.

Finally, in my absence, Nelly produced a piece of work which proved what I had long feared: that she has more talent in her 5 year old little finger than I have in my entire body....I mean look at the knees, the pattern on the dress, the worry lines on her forehead - so much going on, yet so simply drawn. Or am I just having a proud mum moment?


  1. That pink robot is seriously freaky! Your daughter certainly seems talented to me! I agree the knees are amazing, there's real expression on that face and the flower hands were inspired - I love it! Glad you had a good time in Brighton. The chocolate cake (bottom right of picture) looks heaven!

  2. Ha! Yes, what a drawing, it's very sweet indeed.

    Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend, 2 carboot sales you say? What did you get?!

  3. Ach well, nothing like your booty I'm afraid - mostly stuff for the girls (including the coolest Supergirl costume...)

  4. Supergirl costume sounds rad!