Friday, May 1

Every Day in May....

This is the brilliant idea which I've nicked from Loobylu. After a few moments deliberation, I have decided that I'd better be realistic and choose something manageable - so I'm going to put up a window (or two) from a different contemporary stained glass artist every day (er, hopefully).

Slight problem, in that we have guests arriving this afternoon for the whole of the bank holiday weekend, so there won't be much blog-time... but perhaps I'll post a couple today, and a couple on Monday, if that's ok with you.

So I'm going to start with this guy. Frans Wesselman. I just adore his stuff. There's a bit of the Maurice Sendak about it. And I also love the way that his small autonomous panels tell a story in just a few pieces of glass. This is my absolute favourite:
Prince Charming

With this one coming a close second:

I'll be back later with Saturday's artist...


  1. Oh I love it! The first one,it looks like he has big flowery ears. And def a touch Of Maurice Sendak's. I think I'm going go be a big fan of stained glass and look forward to seeing more.

  2. the rowers are just gorgeous.

  3. Yes, they are very lovely. and funny too.

  4. I just love these two pieces - I will keep an eye out. My every day in May is progressing but is one that is all over rather than focussed...
    Thanks for the inspiration,