Tuesday, January 14

To Do, Done.

MailChimp - Done ⎷ (see right, where it says Subscribe, to er, subscribe)

Studio Tidy - Done ⎷ (including throwing out some very old price lists)

Paint Chart Doodling - Done ⎷ (not sure that one was on the list, but good to get it ticked off anyway...)

Re-Opening Etsy & Folksy Shops - Done ⎷
New items to be listing in Etsy shop at the end of January.  Folksy shop will now only be selling cards & postcards.


  1. i just threw away some catalogues from 2002 but that takes the biscuit! x

  2. Hi Flo!Sorry to hear that you have been ill...again ! congrats on getting rid of some of your old stuff and getting organised...cant wait to see your newly decorated front room! Just saw this : http://www.designsponge.com/2014/01/modern-stained-glass.html and thought of you!
    Have a great weekend! love to all!

  3. So gorgeous! And so glad I stumbled across your blog! x

  4. I need to get listing on Etsy too!
    So glad I stumbled across your blog! x

  5. Thanks Kerry! Lovely to meet you :)