Monday, December 9

Contemporary Glass Society Skills Showcase - Stained Glass

I'm very happy to say that I have been selected as one of 4 artists to be featured in the Contemporary Glass Society's latest Skills Showcase on their site.

This fourth showcase focusses on contemporary stained glass artists, each with quite diverse approaches to the medium - from soft and painterly to bold and graphic.  I particularly like Tom Pearman's screen printed glass pieces for Oxford NHS Trust.

Above 3 images © Tom Pearman

A long time ago, when I had just finished university and was deeply regretting a Media Studies degree over something more practical and hands-on, I decided to take some stained glass evening classes to see how I liked it.  I really did like it.  On days off from my boring admin job, I used to take the bus over to the Crafts Council and sit in the library there and read back issues of the CGS newsletter.  So as you can imagine, it feels pretty good to be featured.


  1. congratulations Flora!! I love it when all the hard work pays off!! well deserved!! :)

  2. i love stories like that flora. lovely end to the year for you :-)

  3. Thanks June and Fran, you're right - I couldn't ask for a nicer ending to the year :)