Wednesday, November 6

Tonsillitis Selfie

Been under the weather with major tonsillitis and complications for nearly a week now, and no sign of improvement.  I'm surviving on about 3 hours sleep and 100 calories a day.  Sorry it's bit of a moany post but thought I ought to bring in a sick note to explain.

Update 8/11: Woohoo, feeling better at last.  Going to need a few days to catch up on all the sleep and food I've missed though, so I'll either be in bed or in the fridge.


  1. tonsillitis is the pits! hope you feel better soon :-)

  2. Poor you, and I hope you are still up to a square or two of chocolate. When I had that cursed illness, I survived on gooseberry yoghurt.

  3. Thanks Alison and Mise - I now have a thing called a quinsy. It sounds rather charming and Victorian. It's not. It's horrible and medieval.

  4. Poor you flo. What is this quinsy you speak of? I shall google it henceforth. Sounding a bit medieval myself now. Apart from the google bit. Sending vibes of health from the big smoke. Xxx

  5. For godsake, don't use Google Images. It ain't pretty.

  6. Get well soon! Bit behind with bloggin' so just seen your cat
    portrait, it's purrfect!

    1. Thanks Moira! Nice to see you pop up in my blog feed again too!