Tuesday, October 29

Little Green Men (and women).

It's good to see I'm not the only person who gets excited about the little differences between countries when travelling.

Maya Barkai's Walking Men Worldwide project is a collection of pictograms of the green "WALK" person from around the world.

It's fun to play spot the cultural differences.  Some are rushing impatiently to get across the road, while others are sashaying elegantly, with all the time in the world. Some have graceful posture and fabulous outfits, others are boxy and clumsy. A handful of them are women (hello there jaunty Miss Amersfoot from The Netherlands).  I'm not even sure what Andorra's is.

More of Maya Barkai's work can be seen here.


  1. Oh they're truly amazing! I love Odense. And you can just tell that life is more sophisticated in Cannes, can't you?