Thursday, August 22

Sacred Heart Church, Bournemouth

A couple of pictures of a window I did some painting for back in July, now re-installed at the Sacred Heart Church, Bournemouth.

The head and body of the lamb was badly broken so I painted a replacement.

I can't deny it's quite a thrill seeing my work in a church.  A few years ago I painted a replacement piece for our local church.  Whenever we go in for school services, I always like it when the girls ask "Where's your bit with the chair mummy?".

Last few days left before the end of the school holidays. It's been fun and exhausting all at once. A bit of camping, a lot of visitors, a lot of beaching and a lot of tidying. I want them to go back to school, mainly so they can stop making such a bloody mess!


  1. so beautiful, it must be so wonderful to see something you've worked on installed and come to life. I do love stained glass! x

  2. He is very handsome! I love the the flower layout of the window, bet it looks amazing in the church, well done lady gorgeous work.

  3. Hi Flora, beautiful pieces and so grand to see them in situ.
    The end of the summer always signifies a need for routine again! xx

  4. I love his expression of defiant pride.

    Mine keep making a bloody mess right through term-time.

  5. Such a beautiful lamb - I am in awe of your skills. Had to laugh - my two boys create chaos everyday and seem to bring the garden indoors with them. My Mum lives with us too and she's just as bad but we all make stuff so there's no hope. I love the autumn though because our seaside town calms down so always look forward to the schools going back. Karen x

  6. Thanks everybody - I know it's bad form to moan about the kids, and really they've been lovely this holiday. Just messy.