Monday, August 26

Anorak Magazine - Summer Games Special

When I was a kid, I was always sending drawings and poems in to our local newspaper, which had a kids corner section. The prize for getting published was a £3 WHSmith voucher. I can remember the buzz of not only seeing my name in print, but also of getting that crisp green voucher in the post.

The girls were similarly ecstatic to find that the pictures they sent in for the Anorak "Draw Me A Game" competition got published.

Getting a sensible photo out of either of them at the moment is a struggle.  I took about 30, these were the only ones publishable.  Sigh.


  1. Aw, I bet they were so excited. Love the photos! x

  2. Well done Nelly and Isla - lovely pictures. Karen xx

  3. Now not to cast doubt on your assertion in a post a while ago that they were practically feral, but if I look closely at these photos one of the little dears appears to me as though she may have recently brushed hair.

    1. Ha ha, well if by "recently" you mean "in the last fortnight" then, yes, they have had their hair brushed recently.

  4. they are brilliant pictures! well done ladies :-)

  5. lovely pictures of two lovely girls...well done!