Friday, April 19

Crafty Magazine.

What?  Another new craft magazine?  Ah yes, but this one is quite a sexy little beast.

I was pretty excited to get my hands on a copy of the first issue of Crafty Magazine, after I saw Perri Lewis tweet this.  Because there really has been a gaping hole in craft magazine publishing for one that has a bit of edge, a bit of bite to it.  A Rizzo to the rest of the Sandra Dees*

With lots of moody, grainy photography and printed on uncoated paper, it's got the sniffability factor I like in a mag.  Articles include some great DIY projects (ombre Converse anyone? make your own moth?), interviews with contemporary artists (Mel Elliott, Iona Thomas) and guest spots from Perri Lewis and Mr X Stitch.

I'm looking forward to the next edition already - I hope they continue pushing the boundaries and seeking out genuine original talent.  You can have a peek at issue 1 here.

*Don't get me wrong, I love Sandy.  Primrose yellow cardigan, white high-collar shirt, too-short fringe.  It's a great look.


  1. love your grease analogy, so true! i don't think i'm a molly makes kind of girl. i do love sandi's fringe. perfection. x

  2. Hi Flora!! This is June, Kevin Walkers wife...Just came across your blog...amazing!!! Love it! Can I please add you to my blogroll at Recently started blogging and just getting the hang of it all at the moment.... hope you and Mike and the kids are all good! would love to see you soon...maybe sometime over the summer? xxxjune

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    1. Not sure, this was a review copy I was sent.