Sunday, March 10

Busy Bee

Just a quick post to say that I've closed my Folksy and Etsy shops temporarily while I work my way through a flurry of commissions.  Lots of bird roundels to paint - including one to accompany these beautiful existing original Victorian floral roundels for a grand property in Weymouth.

I also have an exciting new stockist, so am working my way through a batch of pieces for them - more about that soon when I have some pictures to show.

I knew it was a good move not to have a plan this year!

Whilst on the subject of Victoriana, I received a set of these very beautiful glasses by Molly Hatch for Anthropologie for my birthday.  There is a sweet wistfulness about them that makes my gin and tonic that much nicer.

image courtesy of Anthropologie


  1. Those Anthropologie glasses are very beautiful indeed, and they made me think how wonderful it would be if you made some tumblers. (Maybe without lead though?) You'd be brilliant. I think I might ask Anthropologie to commission you. I'm sure they'd listen to me :)

    1. Yes, that's a great idea - have a word will you? ;)

  2. Stunning work Flora x oh & Anthropologie, are you listening?!! Hehe x

  3. Thanks Hannah - those aren't my work, but the originals that I have to match in with - looking forward to getting stuck in on this job!