Wednesday, January 16

This and That

Just a few snaps of the last week or so.

A bit of work, a bit of mucking about.


  1. I just started a stained glass course today, so now I know what that first picture is of! ;)

    I showed my tutor your website, she absolutely loved your 60s style birds! I must admit, no-one in my class seems to paint onto the glass - i'm VERY excited to try it next week! It would appear i'm addicted since I brought one of your singing birds!

    I'll get some pictures of my attempts on my blog soon (when I think they're looking good enough!)


  2. Great, let me know when you've got something you're happy to show, I'd love to see.

  3. Lovely pictures Flora, your bird stained glass project looks lovely in its beginning stages! Love the beach picture too, oh to be able to pop down to the sea whenever you day, one day...
    My mum bought me one of your birds for Christmas..I love it. I've put a pic of it on my blog today with a link to your folksy site...hope you don't mind!

  4. Gorgeous those little faces, they remind me of Quentin Blake illustrations. I do love a bit of mucking about. Hope the year is treating you well so far. Rachel x

    1. I'll take a comparison to Quentin Blake anyday! Thanks Rachel, hope your year is going well too x