Wednesday, January 23

Clear Textured Stained Glass Fan Light

This is the finished window (as seen in progress in the last post).  The client had recently had a new front door fitted which came complete with a pair of leaded panels, and wanted a complementary fanlight featuring a painted blue tit roundel.

I always like the look of clear stained glass windows that use different textured glass - not only does it allow plenty of light into a dark hallway, but the patchwork of textures makes the light sparkle.


Before I go, just a quick reminder that my stained glass birds make very excellent Valentine's Day presents.  And they last longer than flowers.  Although they don't taste quite as nice as chocolates.  Not that I'm advocating eating lead.  Think I'd better stop now.


  1. Stunning, I love all the different textures, I bet they look amazing with light and shadow play. Oh the bird is a beauty! They are lucky to have that greet them every day.

  2. What lovely work. Using clear patterned glass is something I would not have thought of but it looks so good.