Tuesday, January 8

Thank You Letters

Normally at this time of year, I'm suffering with the guilt of the as-yet-unwritten children's Thank You letters.  Last year we left it really late and sent a hasty email with a quicky Instagram piccy.

This year, I thought I'd try something different.  We haven't written any letters, because as wholesome and morally fibrous as they are, let's face it, they're a chore.  So I thought we'd do something altogether more fun.

Although you wouldn't think it, looking at the expressions on the girls' faces... cutting out is serious work!


  1. Great idea, takes the chore out of it for sure!

  2. LOVE THIS! And gosh your girls are adorable!!! x

  3. oh that is so cute and such a good idea. we hate thank you letters too. i nag and nag and isi gets v grumpy! will def do something like this next time. v impressed with your little one's scissor skills too! x

  4. Very clever think you've "morphed" into Tony Hart. X

  5. That's brilliant fun - great idea!!

    Normally we struggle, but this year someone asked Father Christmas for a type writer and suddenly it's not so bad (although letters are often written in alien language by mistake!)