Sunday, January 6


I had all good intentions of writing a dynamic "What I'd like to achieve in 2013" style post.  But I'm just not feeling it.

I usually get quite psyched at the beginning of a new year, with a list of aims and ambitions to fulfil.

But this year I feel like going wherever it takes me.  I have a few things I'd like to do, but they're mainly of the "organise this room", "decorate that room" variety.

Creatively speaking, things feel very fluid.  I hope I can turn that into something good, rather than it turning into a wishy-washy, nothing-much kind of year.

I like Fran's list, which seems more of an ethos than a To Do list.  I'm going to try and embrace it.


  1. here here! well said lady! Yep I like that - fluid. Me too! I will join ya x

  2. I love this post Flora - it's so important to be true to how we feel instead of putting some 'blog spin' on it! Fluid sounds like a good way to be. Happy New Year! xx

  3. I have a feeling this year will be a big one for you. I've said it before, and will say it again and again. Trust your instincts and go where you want to xxxx

    1. Thanks Camilla, that's so lovely of you - and the same goes for you too - have a belter of a year. I'm looking forward to the Butterscotch and Beesting series of children's books, followed of course by the movie. I think I'd like to see Christina Ricci as Betty.

  4. Going where it takes you sounds fine to me - that way you are open to all possibilities. I think I will join you in this as I don't have a dynamic bone in my body at the moment. Happy New Year. Karen x

  5. it's annoying when you get all geared up for plans plans plans and then nothing comes to mind! hence the list :-) x