Thursday, August 2

Victorian Stained Glass - Hand-Painted Floral Scrolls

I've just posted off this pair of ornate floral scrolls to Delia for a repair she's doing on a very grand Victorian entrance in South East London.  I took a few Instagram snaps so you can see how I've built up the layers - 3 firings in all (trace line, shading and silver stain).

These were very enjoyable to paint - loose and free-flowing with nice little flicks of the brush to get the twiddly tendrils just right.

The only problem was that each piece of glass was quite long - I had to order a couple of new kiln shelves to fit them on!


  1. What a lovely piece of work Flora, well done - I think your enjoyment has come through in the way the design flows - love the little twiddly bits! :) Rachel

  2. Gosh, these are beautiful – lucky South East London entrance hall. It's fascinating to see how you build them up over various firings too, such a lot of work ♥