Thursday, August 9

Personalised Contemporary Stained Glass Love Birds / Christmas (sorry)

I've just finished this pair of little love birds which was commissioned as a wedding present.  The heart in the middle is a beautiful piece of Lamberts Antique and is a beautiful shade of rose pink.  The glass is crazy expensive, because it is made with real GOLD to achieve that particular colour.

I've also listed it on Etsy as a made to order item.  The heart could have initials, a date or a name painted on it, and would make an original gift to celebrate an engagement, wedding, anniversary (especially a gold wedding anniversary!) or new baby.

I'm also well ahead of the game this year with a few early Christmas listings (shhh, I know, I know).  I wouldn't normally be this organised but I have a few bits of press coming out in October and November, so best to be prepared.


  1. Oh no not christmas already! Mind you I love that norwegain spruce decoration!x

  2. A lovely design, and a perfect shade of pink.

  3. Gorgeous love birds, love those baubles too. x