Wednesday, April 25

Miniature Stained Glass Window Installed in a Dolls House

Funny how serendipitous the world wide web can be isn't it.  Just a few days after watching Arrietty, my head still full of teeny kitchens and bedrooms, I received an interesting email from Brae Oktober asking if I would give permission for one of my stained glass windows to be miniaturised and printed on acetate to be used in a doll's house project.  And what an amazing project.  This has to be one of the most beautiful doll's houses I've ever seen - the attention to detail is astounding.

All photographs ©Brae Oktober

This last shot shows the exterior - look at that paintwork!  The moss on the tiles!  The leaves in the porch!  The house is based on Brae's childhood home, which looks equally stunning.  You can see more pictures and follow the progress of the house here.


  1. That is all just too too cute! I want one!

  2. Thank you so much for everything, Flora! Your work is wonderful, and I am honored to have a mini version in the Heritage.

  3. that is amazing! so lovely to have your work included. x

  4. what an epic thing to do - so lovely and what a treat to have your piece as part of it.

    1. Hi! Long time no see - hope you're well xx

  5. I've just shown the pictures to my girls. They are DESPERATE to own such a dolls house.

  6. I want that to be MY house! So very cool that they've used your design for the window in the house. x

  7. what a stunning project- and how amazing that your work has been included! ive only ever seen a comparably detailed and beautiful dolls house once online- here's a set of photos that hopefully will blow you away!

  8. Sweet baby cheeses, that is amazing!
    I would totally live there if I fit!

    Love your blog, I was brought here by the lovely Lou from Little Green Shed!

    Rach x

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