Sunday, April 29

Contemporary Stained Glass Flying Birds in Stock

Due to a clerical error (mine) I have two flying birds in stock and ready to send.  

They were ordered as part of a set of 4 for a family (only I got the colours wrong). (Okay, and the pattern). (Well, ok, and the eyes should have been open).* I blame the Easter holidays.** 

Anyhow, they are very lovely and as they are facing each other would make a gorgeous wedding/engagement/anniversary gift.  Or of course they are available separately.

*I'm not usually this scatty, honestly.

**And my handwriting.


  1. Found your lovely blog through the guest post on little green your stained glass pieces, who would have though stained glass could be so funky!x

  2. Hi there - I just found your blog as I bought two of your flying birds for my two girls. They love them and my two year old stands and stares at hers exclaiming "birdie!" - I love your designs and the birds cheer me up every time I see them.

    1. Hi Mari - that's really lovely to hear, thanks so much :)

  3. Stained glass creations are gorgeous but you just don't see modern homes with stained glass very often. The art is quickly fading away except for a few people who still enjoy creating the masterpieces.