Wednesday, December 14

D.I.Y. Paper Chains

We've been having fun making paper chains.
Firstly we just cut up A4 sheets of coloured paper into strips across the width...

...but then I remembered some wonderful Eastern European embroidery designs 
on some faded paper that my mum had unearthed in a dusty old shop
on a visit to the Czech Republic a couple of years ago.

A bit of scanning, slicing and sticking later....

To make them, you will need: 
Good quality A4 paper (I used card from the pound shop)
A ruler, cutting mat, sharp blade, pencil, double sided tape.

You can download the three A4 sheets I used as printable PDFs here:
Sheet 3


***Not for commercial use - please only use for personal projects.  Thank you!***


  1. oh these are tippety-tops! i'm definitely gonna make these. i was just looking round the room thinking it was a bit deco-sparse! once i put the tree up i thought my work was done. but no, there are folky paperchains to be made! x

  2. excellent flo, just gorgeous. and we share the same duvet cover ;)

  3. These are lovely thanks!!!

    I would love to download these but number 2 doesn't seem to be working :)

  4. oh these are sooooo gorgeous! And have pinned over on pinterest. Love them. Lou x

  5. Well spotted Babybird, thanks for that - I think I've fixed it now :)

  6. LOVE THESE! Well done you. Have a lovely Christmas. Keep on blogging in 2012, I love it :)
    Chelle x
    PS. Kept meaning to say thanks for the twine link. You say Butcher, I say Baker... let's call the whole thing off :)x

  7. Thanks Chelle, wishing you and the family a very Happy Christmas too xxx