Saturday, November 26

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

About this time last year I ordered some festive postcards of my work.
But I managed to get the text upside down on the reverse (idiot).

I didn't want to waste these nicely printed cards, and then I had an idea.
They make very lovely gift tags.  Which I shall be attaching to all my gifts.

*cough* and selling on Folksy and Etsy in packs of 5 for £3.50 (free UK postage) *cough*


  1. They look so pretty- what a clever idea!

  2. These are fab! Sounds like just the sort of thing I'd do too! x

  3. they look so lovely! i'd never come across the swivel knife so thanks for the tip. off to buy one now (bizarrely listed in the toy section of one online retailer!)

  4. ooh. where did you get the baker's twine? Chelle

  5. Technically it's Butcher's Twine, but that doesn't sound so nice. I get it from here