Tuesday, November 29


Something very exciting about receiving an envelope like this...

...containing sweet little cards from Etsy seller Mogutakahashi

What fun things have you received in the post lately?


  1. nothing nearly as funky. all i seem to get is bills and statements. however, looking forward to the start of Christmas cards arriving. x

  2. hello! lovely post, going to check out that seller. i'm mostly receiving superhero-related christmas pressies via amazon, though i am looking forward to a friendly acorn arriving soon!

    re dynamic views, you can do it too! looks lovely with your stuff: http://through-the-round-window.blogspot.com/view/flipcard

    then you can just change the last word to one of the other views (e.g. mosaic). x

  3. I have had lots of exciting parcels of handmade goodies - I have been doing my Christmas shopping on Etsy! It is a pity I will have to give it all away . . .

    Pomona x

  4. I Love Mogu-san and went to her workshop this summer in Japan. It was awesome! xm