Friday, August 12

New Designs: Sweater Cat

I hate to pre-empt Autumn...
(Actually I don't. August is a chore and September is wonderful)
But anyway, I'm going to be listing some new and autumnal themed designs.

First up is Sweater Cat.
A very self-satisfied looking cat sporting a classic Argyle Sweater.

I have been brewing this design FOR EVER.
It was a real struggle to get the cat to have the right attitude.
Sketch after sketch, and still it wasn't right.
As soon as I scribbled the Argyle jumper on, everything fell into place.

Made using gorgeous Polish handmade glass, in rich glowing colours.

This cat is currently in stock and ready to send.

I'll list a choose-your-own colours option soon.


  1. It's lovely. The Argyle jumper is a great idea, and I like the way the cat looks a little benignly sorry for me on this drizzly day.