Wednesday, August 17

Anna's Museum

How nice to stumble upon Anna's Museum in the back streets of Brighton whilst meandering my way back to the train station last Friday.

A quirky collection of stones, bones, teeth, pottery and taxidermy, neatly displayed in the window of a private house, with carefully handwritten labels.

Lovely interview with Anna and her mum here.


  1. that is such a gorgeous idea if you happen to live in a house that was once a shop! and it's not often you spot a squirrel wearing a waistcoat on your way home...well i did actually, yesterday, he was having a pint in the kings head. x

  2. you can go and see a stuffed weasel and not come and see us? shame on you!

  3. What a great museum, a museum of real life and a great project whatever your age...I want to make one too.

  4. wow what a fab and interesting find! Love the squirrels waist coat!!x