Tuesday, January 11


Laying the painted pieces out in the kiln, ready to be fired
is one of my favourite parts of the process.
I like the look of all those random shapes, colours and patterns.

Sorry, the light is not so good at the moment....
it's as grey as an OAP squirrel out there.

This is part of another order of more Springsome pieces for
Rostra and Rooksmoor Galleries in Bath.


  1. ha - OAP squirrel - love it
    it's great to see a 'process' pic too
    Sarah :)

  2. Very nice to see the process of your work. I love the way you put those triangle pieces on the kiln shelf :) xm

  3. your blog title conjures up images of you with your judges mallet ,
    the one you keep with you at all times to silence the lot of them....

    your work is intriguing ....what is going to go where and with whom ??
    and even in its incomplete state..beautiful as always .
    you may rise now.

  4. Oh I do like to see your fragments of work, its like a little broth of colour even if a bit squirrelish, you know I love a squirrel.

  5. If your kiln images were an art installation, I'd call the top one 'Vulnerable', the bottom one 'In Bits', and charge 15 pounds admission. May the gallery appreciate you as much as you deserve.

  6. They look great, love the triangle sun rays ..... you've to watch those OAP squirrels, they'll whack you with their walking sticks!

  7. Very interesting to see the glass fragments before they are all put together. They look as pretty as a picture already. I agree about the light at the moment. Some days have been grey, grey and grey. Happy creating in 2011.