Tuesday, January 4


Which is a little how my brain feels right now,
post-Christmas, New Year and various viruses.

Onwards and upwards!
I have new orders to make!
An Etsy shop to finish listing (nearly there)!
And a 7th (!!!) birthday to organise!
And fun stuff to come... A girly weekend in Bath!
A visit from favourite friends who are expecting their first baby!
A family holiday!
Yes! All these exclamation marks are really psyching me up!!! More!!!


  1. Busy bee! The fog looks so cozy. Happy new year. Kx

  2. By jove! I can hardly type for being psyched for you myself!

  3. we can only wish you ... to spare a bit of time for yourself. Happy new year!

  4. Great photos. We had three days of full on fog but I was too busy feeling cold and wet to appreciate the beauty. Hope you have a smashing 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  5. Hey fellow Bridport crafter. I know you mentioned Etsy, but wondered if you have tried selling on Folksy. Iive just joined through recommendations of other local crafters. Thought I'd pass it on.
    Good luck.

  6. what mise said and
    !!!!!!!!!!@ !!!!!!!!!* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Amidst the fog and drips, you have many things to do moving on into the new year. This is good.